April 7, 2011

Woodkid Iron Video

Video director and photographer Yoann Lemoine introduces us to his musical alter ego Woodkid with the release of his first single called Iron off his EP (iTunes) of the same name. With credits that include a commercial for Lipton, a short film for Vogue Italia and music videos for Yelle, Moby, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry for "Teenage Dream", it's no surprise that his personal project is something to pay attention to.

Woodkid's sound is unique, I really like his voice which for some reason reminds me of Antony Hegart. The video is filled with beautiful dynamic imagery and slow-motion shots - a visual accomplishment that is mesmerizing to watch. I'm on my 10th viewing and I'm not even close to getting tired of it yet! Looking forward to hearing more of his music when his debut album is released later this year.

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